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WWD Tour - Day Trading The Forex With The Professionals.

Everything you need to know to become a successful day trader from your home.

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Learning the Forex can be a struggle, however those problems are now over... This is the first Forex course of its kind that takes a newbie from the start all the way to the finish line... (I've had MANY students who are on module 2 alone that doubled their trading account by following strict set of rules)...

Master how to create your own Forex signals and become a complete trader by the end of it all. Not to mention a confident one.

How to read the markets correctly with analysis such as candle formations, market maker patterns, line studies such as Andrew's Pitch Fork, Fibo's, The list is endless.

The course is so well laid out, extremely informative, lots of examples to get anyone up and running in a very short period of time.

So if you're sick and tired of banging your head against the wall, never able to find a profitable trade, always having your Stop Losses triggered, or exiting a trade too early, what ever the problem you're having - this course will squash all your bad habits and put you on a path of Trading the Forex with high success.

Join me today and you will not be disappointed!

Your Instructor

Loz Lawn
Loz Lawn

Loz specialize's in Day Trading Forex and Binary Options, as well as Nadex. Bascially anything that has a Chart attached to it, it can be traded.

He's been trading since Feb 1996, and became a full time trader since 1999. Traded for many clients in the past, including UBS Bank through sub-contracting.

Taught over 30,000 people how to trade successfully during a 10 year period. Personally mentored over 1,000 people one-on-one sessions.

Loz isn't just any typical Tutor you come across online. He mentors people, he lets you know what his mindset is so you too can become just as successful as he is.

When you apply for the course, you'll see just exactly what we mean - and we promise you regardless of your experience, or even if you haven't had any, you'll enjoy it all the way and if you ever need his help, he's not far away to assist you in any way possible.

We look forward to having you on board.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I'd suggest to upgrade to our Monthly support package - I guarantee you will do so much better. Those who have chosen to do the non-support package will not advance as fast as those who do. I offer my full 1-on-1 support, over 20 years of experience goes into helping you become a good yet knowledgeable trader. My students are doubling their balance in module 2 alone. If you can prove to me that you are not doing well, with my support, I will return your first months subscription. Contact me within 30 days of your first subscription and we'll be happy to refund you if we are not able to convince you that giving up is a bad option.

Here's some reason's why you should join the course, I would provide all the testimonials, however that would take me weeks to show here.

From: Donna Mayo

This course is a revelation!

I've gone through the first 20 or so videos in Module 2 now (skipped Module 1 as I had experience already with MT4) and have to say that I am learning a great deal, gaining more comfort and confidence about trading, and watching the charts with more patience and discipline than I've ever mustered before. After each video, students are urged to identify a strong setup using the indicator featured in the lesson, take the trade on demo and go after 20 pips. When I first started going through this I thought "eek, this is going to be so tedious and take forever..." However, the process has yielded the desired result and I am very glad that I found this course. I don't know if I can explain why, but I'm beginning to see the charts differently, with a new richness of content. Loz is a great teacher and each video contains pearls of wisdom. My advice is to jump on the opportunity to take this course, don't try to rush through the material, and in time the magic transformation will happen in your understanding. I'll add more to this after I've gone through more of the course but as you can see, up to this point I am thrilled with the content and my personal results.

From: Randy Kelly
Have not completed yet however needed to comment on the course so far
This course is amazing. The detail that is in the lectures is amazing. The method of going through a lecture and then putting it into practice has helped to solidify the concepts presented before advancing to the next lecture. Also the support is amazing, you feel like you are getting a private tutor with Loz (which is exactly what he does). Thanks Loz for the dedication and help. I don't know how you do it with as many students as you have but you are there to answer any question and also to critique and give direction on every demo trade we do. Over and above server for sure.

From: Dennis Buchholz

Best FX Course I've seen so far!

If you want to be a serious trader, you need a good mentor. I participate a lot of courses and saw videos, but THIS course top everything I have seen so far! Well, "more" I don't need to see! If you follow Loz, you need nothing else anymore. Pip's are rolling already. This course is unique in the composition. So, you are still a "arrow trader"? My god! Stop that and learn how to trade! Grab that course! TOP RECOMMENDATION!

From: Steve

Great course if you are serious about learning Forex
I have been taking Loz's course now for about three weeks. Even more importantly I have been getting to observe more and more on Loz the man. This course is not only a great vehicle to get you started in the right direction with Forex or maybe hone your skills or even shake bad habits and start new good ones...you will also see that the instructor, Loz Lawn, really truly, in a corrupt world of; fakes, scammers, and just plain misleading "gurus" Loz is a true breath of fresh air. He does not only teach the class but his support is awesome. He is continuously chatting with students, doing webinars, and finding ways to help. He is not only a teacher but a mentor. A mentor of techniques but also in attitude. He teaches you how to think as a trader and as a successful person. After this time I truly believe that he wants to help people which is hard to say about these "experts" in this selfish industry. You can hear it in his words and see the passion. You will also swear the man never sleeps. He has his goals just like all of us but it isn't about padding his bank roll it is deeper than that. It is about making us better at what we do. Buy the course. You will be glad that you did. Then welcome to the wonderful world of Forex!

From: Rose Clark

If you want to really learn and master Forex Trading - It's here!
Learn with the best Master Trader! The training will work with you and not against you. The long and short is you won't be disappointed.

From: Mick L
Amazing Course
Great course from a guy that lays it out nice and easy for you. Love the fact that he encourages you to make 20 pips on each indicator to grow your understanding of the systems involved. Overall fantastic.

From: Bradley Bell

Thee Best Teacher

Not only does Loz walk the walk but he teaches it extremely well. You literally get a library of information about MT4 and so many more indicators. He is quite simplistic in doing your homework. Hands down best Forex course online!

From: Garry Frizzell
Grandmaster of Forex
If you're looking to make a living at forex, this is the course for you. Get it, study it, absorb it. Loz makes his living trading, so learn from a master who's head is in the game.

From: Eduard Besjentsev
I'm glued to this !
At first I planned to write the review once I would have finished the course. But I can't hold it anymore inside me ! Two days have passed by since I started this course and many will follow ! I can feel like I am a brand new person when it comes to trading now. My approach and daily setup have transformed a lot and that after a year of experience ! But I kid you not, even if you have no experience whatsoever, this course is for you as well ! I know that because I have went through the whole Module 1 myself, even though I already knew all of that. If you really dedicate yourself to learn how to approach trading, then you will love this course like I do and it will pay off ! At first I thought I would rush through the bits that don't really interest me, but with every video I actually start to understand how perfectly organized and ordered they are. I've slowed down now and actually start to enjoy doing the homework and taking time for the setups to come to me. I just realized that my losing trades were partly due to my impatience, but this won't be a problem anymore. My whole mindset is changed thanks to Laurence Lawn ! I'm really grateful to be taking this course and wish many others will do as well. It's never too late or too early to start with this one ! Oh and his personal support alongside his course is just blowing me away !

From: Maurice Staples

This is an excellent Forex course
This is an excellent Forex course the information contained in this course is worth thousands of dollars. What Loz teaches in this course what take the average person a year or more to find on his own. Thank you Loz for this course and thank you for caring to take time so we understand everything.

From: Shanelle Da'Monae
Incredibly valuable content!!! This man is a wonderful teacher, caring, patient, thorough, and clear. He covers this content so its easy for EVERYONE to learn and be totally successful. I am so grateful to have come across this course... Worth it 10X over! Thank you!!! :)

From: Nick Mocuta
One of the best forex courses i ever taken
This is one of the best forex courses i have ever seen. This is all you need to learn forex from A-Z.

From: Roland Watson
Only coming to the end of module 2
I have not even finished Module 2 yet (I skipped most of module 1, as I have been trading for a couple of years, following systems really, so module 1 was not relevant to me, but if you are a new trader, it is an absolute MUST), but I wanted to give my thoughts on this course up to this point. Udemy ask 3 questions, which I will use as the basis of the review (as I said, it is only up to this point remember… ) 1) Did you achieve what you wanted to learn? Unequivocally yes… even at this point. I have learnt more from this than 12 weeks under another teacher (although that was exceptionally good as well, this is another level). Why? Loz has the ability to engage and to ensure that you learn to teach yourself. After watching the vids of the first 10 indicators (this is the way he uses them, not the de facto way that you have been taught) , it has inspired me to explore how I can use the indicators MY way. This is half the reason I have not completed module 2 yet. I am bristling with ideas from this module alone. I am starting to see things differently, use them differently, and backtest (manually) how they behave in differnet conditions. Were you engaged in the course? (course material & discussions) Absoultely. It is a bit disconcerting to be honest, as I am only ever thinking about how I can use indicators to do that, what do the indicators means, what are they telling me, what SORT of indicator is it, is it a lagging, future, trend following, trend reversal… This is not covered in this section, but because of the engagement, it has me thinking about these things. Loz (the author) also has a Facebook group (he has A LOT to be fair) that he is actively participant in. In actual fact, he is massively involved, and is pretty much always available and on hand. Did the production quality meet expectations? Yes, Everything is clear, videos, audio etc… Make no mistake. If you buy this at the current price, you need to be aware that to make it work, YOU will need to put the effort in. Happily, if you start on the course, I am pretty confident that you will be a MUCH better trader. Seriously, if you are a losing trader, breakeven trader, or even a slightly profitable trader, this course… Module 2 on its own, could make you a very profitable trader. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the course. It is sometimes difficult to reign myself so that I can fully take in what I need to know, as each video does build up on the previous one, with insights given in a subtle manner, but reinforced over and over again. It does make a big different that Loz is actually a profitable trader – I know as he sends signals out, and week by week, they are profitable… and we are talking hundreds of pips, not 10 or 20 pips… If you want to take the course, if you are serious about getting good at trading, this is an absolute must. I can not recommend it highly enough… and I still have about 90% of the material to go through!

From: Jeffery Dean
The BEST Forex course I've seen!
I've paid $1000s for many forex courses and none can compare to the education in this course. Loz is an awesome teacher! It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, you can definitely increase your trading knowledge with this course. This is all you need to navigate through the forex markets.

From: Tierrah Jones

Informative, Comprehensive & Real Earning Results
Loz, Your knowledge of Forex is beyond priceless. I would never have found out any of this information if it were not for you sharing it. You have helped changed my life and so many others for the better. You are truly a godsend. Thank you so much!!

From: Jay Somers
The Ultimate Forex Trading Course 150 Videos
Excellent course. From beginner to advanced level its a must for any aspiring forex trader

From: Tajada Coley
Great Investment
This Course was very educational. The instructor was engaging and prepared and did a great job at creating quality content.

From: Kelvin Ong
Teaches you every indicator with no gimmicks. Pure math with no 'proprietary' gimmicks.
Sick and tired of your teacher teaching you just 5 indicators? Insane guy here teaches so many of them! He covers everything, including price action. Heck, I felt like I was getting 5 courses in one big package. I am an experienced trader with 1-2 years of trading in stocks. I was surprised when I saw this course and went to see the preview of the course. I only recently started trading forex (like four months ago) You will be amazed that he has like so many videos, patiently explaining each and every indicator there is. There is never a shallow explaination at all. Of course, you dont need all 50, but as a veteran trader, its great to know more and expose yourself to the world of technical analysis even more.

I have so many more of these spread all over my facebook wall, I kid you not...

I want you to be as succesful as each of these students as well.

If you value your future, to learn to make money from home, or while traveling, there is no doubt in my mind you will not only blow me away, but you will blow yourself away at how easily you will adapt to my teaching style that is unlike anything you have witnessed before in your life.

So if you are ready to quit the rat race of corporate slave $10 p/hr jobs and knock that up to $100+ p/hr - setting your own hours, then you have found the rihgt course, at the right time.

I hope to see you very soon.

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